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Welcome to a brand-new series in our ever popular bread baking classes at A. Chef’s Cooking Studio!

Please note that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take at least two of our standard bread classes before joining us in this series as we will be moving quickly and we are assuming if you attend this series, you have a basic understanding of flour varietals, yeast development and kneading techniques.

So many of you have taken our bread classes and four-part Bread 101 series over the years, that it is with you, our bakers in mind, that we have created a new series of classes that will be specifically devoted to our repeat baking customers.

This series is for those of you who have taken at least three of our previous bread baking classes.  In this series we will not focus so deeply on the basics such as trouble-shooting bread fails at home, yeast-killing temperatures, and gluten development.  Instead, we will focus on honing our recipes with a few more advanced doughs, more advanced shaping techniques and will add an hour of class time so that we are free to allow for reasonable proof times, extra kneading, and shaping, and the ever important, second proof before baking.

In this series, we will have time to discuss any baking issues you have come across as you took the knowledge you gained from previous classes here, home.  We can review and discuss cooking techniques, favorite equipment, and cookbooks.

As a student who has come repeatedly and gotten comfortable with the basics, these classes are designed to be a bit more casual, a bit of a bread-bakers-club if you will and we encourage open discussion and sharing about bread success and fails at home!

The classes as with all, can be taken as individual sessions, at $65.00 per session, but if you chose to do all three, we will offer a special price of $170.00 for three ($25.00 savings) and if you buy all three we will be offering a special bread baking tool for you as our gift on the first week.

Chef Greg and I hope you will consider this fun, very casual, new addition to our offerings, as we have discovered over the years, many of you are as addicted to bread-baking as we are!

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Chef Andrea’s Favorite Cheese Bread

Saturday, February 12, 2022

This recipe may be why I am a Chef Today. We can shape this in a classic braid or in a large loaf or mini loaves, and we can discuss which cheeses to add to make these very personal to our own tastes.

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Bread 101 Classes

Each week of this series builds on the previous week's lessons as we get into more and more advanced breads. You do not have to take each week, but if you are available, we highly recommend it. These four sessions will give you such a solid foundation, your home bread baking will improve and your confidence will rise! So will your dough!

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