From beginners to more experienced home cooks, A. Chef’s Cooking Studio has something delicious for everyone!

• 2-4 Hour Hands-On Culinary Workshops
• 45-minute Lunchtime Demonstrations
• 1-1.5 hour Evening Demonstration/Discussion Sessions
• Six-week Home Chef Series (recurring)
• Wine Education Classes
• Private Parties
• Company Team Building
• Mom & Me and Kid’s Classes

Celebrating 9 years of cooking and teaching with you! Thank you!


From beginners to more experienced home cooks, A. Chef’s Cooking Studio has something delicious for everyone!

• 2-4 Hour Hands-On Culinary Workshops
• 45-minute Lunchtime Demonstrations
• 1-1.5 hour Evening Demonstration/Discussion Sessions
• Six-week Home Chef Series (recurring)
• Wine Education Classes
• Private Parties
• Company Team Building
• Mom & Me and Kid’s Classes

Celebrating 8 years of cooking and teaching with you! Thank you!

Fundamental Culinary Techniques
Thursday Nights 6 – 9 pm

Join our Studio Chefs as they share the most fundamental techniques from their own culinary school experiences! These are the skill that will take your cooking and kitchen time to a new level of speed, taste, and efficiency.

Sign up today for our 6-week Home Chef Series Course for just $360!

Our full Home Chef Series package includes:

Extensive, Hands On Experience

Work along our certified chefs as they take you through the techniques and skills you will need as a home chef!

Take-Home Packet Of Recipes & Information

You will receive a packet of detailed information from each class as well as various recipes to help strengthen the skills you have acquired from the course.

Customized Apron

Also included exclusively for our Home Chef students will be a customized apron with your name embroidered on the front!

Week One
Knife Skills

Learn how knives are made, what knives you really need and how to care for your collection. Knowing the structure and purpose of each knife will allow you to use them safely, correctly and efficiently. This class is the start of cooking like a pro.

Week Two
Stocks & Sauces

A great home chef’s kitchen starts with the foundation of utilizing every scrap to create flavorful stocks. Stocks are the base of all great sauces. Getting an elegant and delicious dinner on the table, without the uses of recipes, develops your understanding how to create delicious sauces. This class shows you all you need to make flawless stocks at home and how to use them in your everyday cooking!

Week Three
Braising & Roasting

Learn the difference, and techniques, for these indispensable skills for both meats and vegetables.

Week Four
Sauteing & Frying

How, when, and why, are answering. You become a master of these stove-top cooking techniques. Your recipe-free cooking days are ahead!

Week Five
Pie 101

Never buy frozen again! We cover savory and sweet pie dough with these surprisingly simple and delicious recipes. How to store and how to use these dough is also covered. You will be the envy of friends and family with this pastry fundamental in your back pocket.

Week Six
Yeast Breads

There’s nothing like homemade bread! We get you there by teaching the basics of every bread dough including yeast, proofing, when to knead, when to stop and the best techniques and tricks for baking.

Week One
Advanced Knife Skills

Tonight we get to refresh our veggie cuts and devote the remainder of the evening to breaking down full loins of beef and pork, as well as flat fish and round fish.

Week Two
Advanced Meat and Fish Cookery

We dive into the world of Sous Vide, Stove Top Smoking, Braising and Grilling.
Delicious techniques home chefs will love to call their own!

Week Three
Advanced Pairing and Plate Up

Tonight we get into the world of starches and veggies as we contemplate the proper way to pair back to our proteins. We get creative and learn the fundamentals of beautiful presentations. Your sauces from the Original Home Chef Series Week 2 make an appearance tonight too! We sample our evening’s handiwork for supper at the end of class.

Week Four
Pairing Food and Wine

Never buy frozen again! Studio Sommelier Christof joins us this afternoon as we dive into the world of flavor profiling for wine, food and, how to bring the two together every time.

Register online today to reserve your spot for our full 6-week Home Chef Series!
  • Package fee’s will be collected on first day of class and dues are to be paid in full.
  • Credit card is required to reserve your spot for this 6-week course.
  • If you would like to purchase this as a gift, reserve your spot online and course fees’s can be paid by phone.
  • No-show fee does apply.
  • Inidividual Home Chef Series classes will be posted closer to class dates depending on availability after full time Home Chef students have signed up.
  • Individual Home Chef Series classes will run $65 per class.
Save on these essential courses by purchasing the Home Chef Series Package!
The Entire Six Week Series – $360 ($60 per week)
Individual Sessions $65 (If space is available)
A. Chef’s Cooking Studio Wine Club
Explore the world of fine wine!

The A. Chef’s Cooking Studio Wine Club is focused on sharing wine selections monthly which we believe will enhance your dining and entertaining experiences at home, as well as provide you an opportunity to try wines you will not find in local shops. Chef Andrea provides recipes to pair perfectly with the wines each month! Each month you select either two reds, two whites or one red and one white.

Why Join the Wine Club:
Exclusive Wine Club Member Pricing

Receive Member’s-only pricing on cases of featured wine!. Get 
20% off of any and all wine purchases through A.Chef’s Cooking Studio all year long.

Member’s-Only, monthly tasting party.

Wine Club Member private tastings, cooking demos, and events throughout the year.
(as many as four additional private events annually)

Studio Sommelier, Christof Bauer selects each wine and is on hand to pour and discuss at each monthly pick-up party.

Chef Andrea provides recipes for each wine and is on hand to dish up delicious tastes at each monthly pick-up party.

Exclusive Wine Selection

Access to exclusive, hand selected wines that cannot be found in local shops.

Monthly Membership (1-3 Months) 2 wines each month – $35 per month
6-month Membership (12 wines) – $30 per month
Schedule online now

Our classes are for all levels of food enthusiasts!
A. Chef’s Cooking Studio class schedule changes each month with seasonal, international and fundamental themes throughout the year. From 45 minute lunch-hour demonstrations to full evening and afternoon hands on workshops we cover it all!

Some of our Favorite Themes:

Global Cuisine – we share cooking classes featuring traditional dishes from every country of the Globe! India, Thailand, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, and more! you name it we share it!

Fundamentals – creating pasta from scratch, yeast doughs, knife skills, pie dough, cookie and cake baking and decorating, canning and pickling, we cover it all!

Home Chef Series – Six weeks of the foundations of culinary arts! Stocks, Sauces, Knife Skills, Baking – its the best of culinary school in a concise six week series.

Mom and Me and Kids Classes – we offer classes for all ages with monthly Mom & Me and all ages workshops, as well as a Summer Camp for ages 9 and up!

Class Registration – Schedule Now
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• Clicks workshops and reserve your space.
If you are reserving for two, simply leave a message with your reservation.


Private Parties in A. Chef’s Cooking Studio

Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Client Appreciation, Corporate Team Building.

Private Parties in A. Chef’s Cooking Studio are customized to your exact needs! Hands-on, demonstration, open house – we do it all!

• 10 guests minimum

• 14-16 maximum (depending on your theme)

• Reserve a date with a credit card

• Decide on theme and menu! (Our Chefs are here to help with the menu selections – or choose from any past menu or class!)

• Hands-on two hour evening classes begin at $60 per person

• Demo-Discuss one and a half hour classes $50 per person
Prices will vary depending on time of day, length of class and menu additions – talk to our chef’s to ensure we suit your needs!

Favorite Team Building Themes:
• Chinese Restaurant Favorites
• Sushi 101
• A Tour of Thailand
• Classic French Dinner
• Pasta From Scratch

Favorite Anniversary Themes:
• French Classics
• A Tour of Tuscany
• Seafood Feast
• Steakhouse Favorites

Favorite Birthday Themes:
• Pasta From Scratch
• A Tour of Italy
• Pizza From Scratch
• Wings From Around the Globe
• Cooking With Beer
• Film and TV Themed Classes

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