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Welcome to A. Chef’s Cooking Studio! We have been proudly serving this beautiful community since 2007!

Chef Andrea and her husband Michael, opened the Cooking Studio as a home-chef focused cooking school and have loved sharing professional cooking tips, tricks and recipes.  The ultimate goal of our classes is to share easy steps to incorporate trusted techniques and fundamentals in a home kitchen to make cooking from scratch enjoyable, fast and of course, delicious.

Cooking as much as we can from scratch is the best nutrition base we can adapt, but time constraints, sourcing and trusted recipes can all be things that hold us back.  Our Cooking Studio chefs share their favorite recipes so that the guess work is gone and help get the excitement back into the home kitchen.  Our class set up and teaching style is meant to bring ease and confidence to home cooks that are at any level, from beginners to great home cooks, all benefit from thoughtful teaching approaches, and the comradery of the A. Chef’s Cooking Studio experience.

There’s something for everyone and we can’t wait to cook with you soon too

"We welcome all who love to cook!”

We opened A. Chef’s Cooking Studio Facebook page to you and your friends! Share recipes, ask questions of the chef, post photos of your cooking adventures, etc!

Chef Andrea
Chef Andrea
Chef Andrea
Restaurant Owner

"I've always been a lover of art and food, so the idea of a Studio for cooks was a dream of mine. Home cooks, professional cooks, those who want to learn, and those who want to share, would have a Studio to call home!"

Chef Andrea
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A. Chef’s Studio is available by appointment only.

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