A. Chef’s Cooking Studio


Q.Why do I have to sign up for each week individually?

When you go to sign up for HCS, you will need to sign into each week as a separate class, so that, as time carries on, if you should find you have any conflict, you can pop on line and with two clicks, get yourself out of the single week that’s an issue without having cancelled your entire series.  

Q.What if I have to miss a week?

You can make up missed classes anytime they become available and we run this series all year round so you will have plenty of options for make-up.

Q.Can I just take a single class from the Series?

You bet! All of our classes are available for one-time sign up.  But I will share this little secret – almost without exception, when you come for one, you will want the rest. 😉

Q.There is a discount if I pay for the whole series, how do I get the discount?

When you come into your first series class, you can pay for the full series and we will apply the discount at that time.

Q.I’d like to take the series with a friend or my spouse – how do I sign us both up?

The best answer is to create a user name and password for yourself and have your friend do the same so that you are not responsible for their reservations or any changes they need to make to their class schedule.  For a spouse, you can either create separate accounts or, at the time of sign up, look for the option to “include a message” with this reservation, and let us know its for the two of you.

Q.Does it matter what order I take the classes in?

There are a few that tend to build on one another, for example, Week One Knife Skills, is the lead in to Week Two Stocks and Broths (as stocks are a by-product of good knife skills – hmmm…intrigued?)

Week Three Sauces will utilize many of the stocks from week two.

But, some classes tend to stand on their own such as week’s 6, 7 and 8, Braising/Roasting, Pasta and Bread 101.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q.Are any of the Home Chef Series Vegan or Gluten Free?

Knife skills is the only one that falls into such specific dietary limitations.  The remainder of the series is based on Classic French Culinary Arts, so dairy and flour, and some animal proteins will play a role in each week thereafter.

Q.What if I have a food allergy like shellfish or nuts?

Please just give us a jingle when you sign up – we are happy to accommodate food allergies as those are simple menu adjustments.  Gluten Intolerance is not something we can accommodate in the series as so many of the fundamentals rely on wheat flour.

More questions? Call or email us!