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Home Chef Series

Join our Studio Chefs as they share the most fundamental techniques from their own culinary school experiences! These are the skills that will take your cooking and kitchen time to a new level of speed, taste, and efficiency.

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Our full Home Chef Series package includes:


Work along our certified chefs as they take you through the techniques and skills you will need as a home chef!

Take home packet of recipes & information

You will receive a packet of detailed information from each class as well as various recipes to help strengthen the skills you have acquired from the course.

A Custom Apron!

Also included exclusively for our Home Chef students will be a customized apron with your name embroidered on the front!

Class Info

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Saturdays 12pm-2pm

Knife Skills - Week 1

Jun 3


A mindful approach to prepping your foods will save you more time, money and energy than you know! Our Chefs show you the most efficient way to approach foods and we discuss shopping for, and caring for knives. This is our hands down most popular class. Come see why.

Stocks & Broths – Week 2

Jun 10


A great home chef’s kitchen starts with the foundation of utilizing every scrap to create flavorful stocks. Stocks are the base of all great sauces. This class shows you all you need to make flawless stocks at home and how to use them in your everyday cooking!

Sauces 101 – Week 3

Jun 17


Getting an elegant and delicious dinner on the table, without the uses of recipes, develops your understanding how to create delicious sauces.

Sautéing 101 – Week 4

Jun 24


How, when, and why, are answered. You become a master of these stove-top cooking techniques. Your recipe-free cooking days are ahead!

Deep Frying – Week 5

Jul 8


Deep frying can be intimidating but its honestly simple once we know the concept and correct temperatures. It’s also far lower in actual fat than you might think! We will do a classic buttermilk fried chicken, and explore shallow frying and blackening! Not Scary. Totally delicious.

Braising & Roasting – Week 6

Jul 15


Braising and Roasting are two of the fundamentals our Chef’s are passionate about and honestly make up 90% of their own home-cooking! We learn the difference, get comfortable with higher heat in our ovens, discuss the science of roasting vs. baking and then we move into the low slow land of braising. We talk in detail about Instant Pots vs. Crockpots, the virtues of both and get you ready to try some recipe-free cooking at home! Come hungry, demo and discuss.

Pasta from Scratch – Week 7

Jul 22


In today's class, we make a classic pasta dough from scratch, roll into sheets for no-boil lasagna, and cut into fettuccini – we add two more sauces to our HCS collection, a delicious marinara and a creamy alfredo.

Yeast Bread: Baguettes – Week 8

Jul 29


There’s nothing like homemade bread! We get you there by teaching the basics of every bread dough including yeast, proofing, when to knead, when to stop and the best techniques and tricks for baking.

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Extension Courses

Bread at Home 101 - As many of you already know, bread baking is Chef Andrea’s passion and she has spent the last 18 years of her professional teaching career, really honing down the key problems home bakers face.  This four-part series has been written with careful thought and is designed to take you, week by week, building layers of knowledge with each style of bread, setting you up for home baking success!

Join us for this 4-part baking series that gets your home-bread baking at a new level! Each week builds ininformation, ingredients and steps so you come away with a fully developed foundation for home bread baking.We hope you will take all four classes, but any single week is a stand-alone class as well!

Each week we discuss flour varieties, protein content, understanding gluten and troubleshoot possible fails in home bread baking.

Each week we make a different recipe designed to build on your knowledge one layer at a time.

Each week we take our afternoon’s handiwork home to share!

This amazing program is sure to make your home bread baking more successful and delicious than ever before!

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Class Info

Classic Baguettes - Week 1
Honey Wheat - Week 2
Brioche - Week 3
Classic Bagels - Week 4
Where it began

Our History

Hey all! Chef Andrea here and I am happy to share some details and history of our A. Chef’s Cooking Studio Home Chef Series here!

I’ll start at the beginning – seems wise! I actually wrote this Home Chef series (originally as a six week program) while working from home in 2005 as I was patiently waiting for my Studio space to be built.  

But here’s the real beginning; I was a little late to the culinary arts as a career.  I did not enter Culinary School until I was 30 years old.  But interestingly, the decade from ages 20-30 turned out to be really valuable to me in my, what was to become future, career.  You see, I was a legal secretary for those years and therefore, a 9-5er who was all too familiar with the frustrations and trials of a home cook, trying to create healthy and economical meals, while also spending upwards of 65 hours a week, away from home!

I realized that often my most dreaded question of the day was “what’s for dinner”

As I got myself into my new career and headed into the path of teaching about food, I created my Home Chef Series with the home cook, who I was so familiar with myself, in mind.

There were tips and tricks I learned in Culinary School that I knew would have made my home cooking for all of those years, so much easier, faster, and more economical! I wanted to share that with you!

So, the series was born!

My hope for each student of the A. Chef’s Cooking Studio Home Chef Series is that we provide a new approach, a mindful and thoughtful approach, to cooking at home, and with clear instruction, hands on time in the kitchen and an arsenal of great recipes, your home cooking becomes exponentially more enjoyable, and, that question, what’s for dinner, becomes your FAVORITE question of the day!

I have been sharing this series since 2007 when we opened up and, have changed it very little – the only real change is we extended it from six weeks to eight weeks to give us more time to in a few of the workshops to really dive deep.

You know, food is a funny thing; we all have been feeding ourselves in some way for our lifetime right? But how often have you stopped and really considered, what, why and how you are serving? Is there a faster way? Can we get better results? How can I shake up my weekly routine that feels a bit like a rut but not add more time to the kitchen?

These questions are all addressed in your series and we love to share both our professional hacks that make home cooking easier as well as our own personal home cooking experiences.

Together we will spend eight delicious weeks together, cooking dining and discussing.  Our most popular series – come see why!

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