February 3, 2020

February 2020

That’s right I admit it I am a total sucker for this utter “hallmark holiday,” and I am proud of it. I mean seriously what’s not to love? Those amazing assortments of brilliant red, heart-shaped boxes of candy, fuzzy teddy bears wearing “luv you” signs, and flowers galore!

I know, fake holiday, but you know what? I think that is in fact, part of its lure – its utter poppycock and my gawd have we made it into something! Visually the grocery stores are stunning; and who never loved a red and pink construction paper valentine? I am crafty by nature so making homemade Valentines was such a kick as a kid.  I never figured out how to make crafting a career, but my other love, cooking, has turned out pretty well I’d say!

Now, those who know me well, know I love cooking but also know I am not much of a Pastry Chef. I am the steak gal. The bread maker. When it comes to pastry, I prefer to hand over the Studio to amazing Pastry Chefs like Suzy.  So, here’s a funny thing about Valentine’s day; this little love fest of a day, makes me want to make pastry. Specifically pie dough! I think it is in part because pie dough is a true labor of love. Pie dough is at its best tedious and delicate and at its worst, moody and requires a lot of attention (hmmmm…maybe this describes your Valentine too?) Ha! Anyway, homemade pie dough is also so heartwarming, pure comfort, and just says “I love you.”  

After a long marriage, gifts at Valentine’s day are not really necessary in our world, but I do love a nice dinner at home together, and a little homemade treat can say “I love you” as well as any box of mystery chocolates (which, by the way are 50% off on February 15 and just as tasty….)

Fun Face book Challenge!

Head to our Facebook page and post us a pic of you and your Valentine, then and now! (husband, wife, life partner, pet – any are accepted!)

I’ll start- photo 1 is our first date!

Photo 2 - 28 years later, and if it’s not sappy enough, how about this nugget: I knitted our matching sweaters in photo 2. Now that’s true love! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

If the commercial side of Valentine’s Day is not your cup of tea, its ok, I get it. But how about this as a plan; take a moment this month, amid all the product placement and end-of-isle displays to say to someone you love, just that. How much they mean to you.  A friend, a neighbor, a child, a spouse. Just for a second, pause and smile; think about what they bring to your life and let them know they are truly loved.  Then go home and make some pie!

This year I am obsessed with these mini jammy tarts – filled with raspberry or strawberry preserves, they have a sweet Valentine’s day look to them – perfect.  Make a batch and share with someone you adore. They will thank you.

Much love,


Chef Andrea’s Jam Tarts