A. Chef’s Cooking Studio

Latest Update: We are canceling classes through April 25th. If you would like to leave your reservations where they are – when our team finds new dates and reschedules events, your reservation can be moved to the new dates. We will not charge any cancelations fees during this crises. Stay safe and well.

We just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that any need to cancel classes during this time is totally understandable.

You will not be charged a fee for cancelling in light of the current Corona information and situation we all find ourselves in. If you are comfortable taking one day at a time, we are too, and we will honor any last minute cancellations sent via email or left on our phone answering system during this time. If you know in advance you cannot attend anything you are signed up for, we do still ask that you take a second to hop online and remove yourself from the class via the button below. This will give us a good heads up on classes that may need to be moved as well as opening your space online to anyone else who might like to attend. If you are unable to cancel online it's possible you are outside of our standard cancellation policy window so just give us a ring or drop us an email - you will not be charged.

As everyone is busy adjusting to new information that seems to come in by the hour, A. Chef's Cooking Studio will close temporarily after Friday, March 13th. We are canceling classes through April 25th.

The entire crew, here at the Studio, is devoted to keeping things safe and clean. Looking out for our guests is our priority, as always. My advice? Chicken Soup. See our website for my favorite recipe! Stay smart, safe and calm and cook up something comforting and delicious for your family this weekend.

The last thing we ask is that if you or anyone in your family has been ill and you feel you could spread symptoms, whether they are known or unknown, that you please stay home and get to feeling better before coming to a class!

You can cancel a class using the button below:

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