A. Chef’s Cooking Studio

Got Questions?

Below you will find answers to our most-asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, don't hesitate to email us, or give us a call!

Q. How do I sign up for a class?

Click any Book a Class button, then click to accept our cancellation policy.

You will be redirected to Schedulicity.Com
From there, select the class or workshop you are interested in.

Fill out short profile information which will include a credit card number, user name and password.

(You only need to fill this out on your first sign up – after that, you just click yourself into or out of classes – easy!)

Q. How do I cancel a class?

We require 48 hours to cancel with no fee.  If you are cancelling with at least 48 hours notice you can simply go to your booking and click “cancel” and that opens the space on our public calendar so someone else can take advantage of the opening.
If you are dealing with an emergency and need to cancel outside of our 48 hour policy, call us with as much notice as you can and we will try to fill your space from our wait list.

Please note that any no show no call will be charged the full price of the class.

Q. Why do I need to fill out a profile on Schedulicity to book a class?

When you book a class with us, we use a secure booking company called Schedulicity.  This company allows us to require the security of a credit card number to hold your reservation and as part of their security protocol, a user name and password must be generated by you, with them directly. Keeps everything safe and sound!

Q. How Do I Book For More Than One Space in a Class?

Booking for 2 is as simple as including a message with your reservation as you are booking it through out website’s sign up software.  Click “book a class” and sign into Schedulicity to begin signing up.  When you are booking, you can see there is an option to include a message to us, that’s where you will let us know this booking is for 2 spaces.

Please note that if it appears there is ANY space available in a class on line – there is room for 2 of you.

Booking for MORE than 2 will require a phone call or email to us.  We cannot guarantee that there is more than 2 open spaces in any class at any given time.  We will be happy to check that listing our selves for you, and confirm if we can get more than 2 of you in at that time.

Please note that we do not accept more than 2 spaces booked under a single reservation.  The card that is linked to the reservation is responsible for all spaces booked, so we request that friends ask their friends to please sign themselves up to protect one person from the financial risk of so many reservations.

Q. If I am getting emails confirming my classes from Schedulicity, am I on the A. Chef’s Cooking Studio mailing list?

Not necessarily. While both are accessed through our website, be sure you have signed up to receive our mailings through the link on our site so you get our newsletters and our monthly calendars in a timely manner.

Q. What are your hours?

Our Store hours are based entirely on our class schedule.  Generally our classes are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Noon-2pm – we are in store 2 hours before class time.  If you come during class, Jodi is there to handle anything you need!

Always check our printable class calendar for updates on vacations and for days we do not have class as we work on administrative items and have no store hours.  Check our calendar page for details.

Q. Are there any videos of your classes and techniques available?

You can find videos on our YouTube channel here

Who is the Home Chef Series For?

Chef Andrea wrote the A. Chef’s Cooking Studio Home Chef Series for home cooks of all levels.  These eight weeks have been pieced together in a specific order to take the students (any skill level is fine) from our fundamental knife skills through stock and sauces, frying, sautéing, roasting, braising, pasta and bread baking.  Anyone interested in developing sound kitchen techniques and fully understanding the fundamentals that apply to great food preparation will love this course.  Your home cooking will become faster, less expensive and more delicious and in time, these base eight weeks lead you to a life of recipe-free cooking!

Do I have to take Home Chef Series in order?

The simple answer is no.  You can take the eight weeks as your personal schedule allows. However, we do recommend knife skills before stocks and sauces (these two weeks build from one another) and, you will get a discount if you purchase the entire series. So, even if you need to skip a week or two and make up at another date, you do better to buy the full series.  We run the home chef series all year round so there are plenty of opportunities to make up any missed classes.

What is the difference between the classes listed as Demo & Discuss and Hands on?

Our Demo and Discuss classes are a seated class. Students do not participate in the cooking. Our chef’s lead an exciting and DELICIOUS series of demonstrations and share all of the tips and tricks for the evenings recipes.  You dine as we go and the discussions open up as Students ask questions and learn from our Chefs.  Hands on classes will be a cooking class in which students grab and apron, knife and recipe and cook with other students and the Chefs to prepare the evenings menus and recipes.  We always dine on our evenings handiwork.

What is a Make and Take.

For  a Make and Take style class, students will work hands on with our Chefs preparing the specified recipe and take that handiwork home to share.  As we always eat in an A. Chef’s Cooking Studio class, on make and take days, our students snack on our Chef's handiwork, and save their own treats to share at home.

Q. Do you offer private parties?

We do not accept any private bookings or any reservations for more than 2 guests under a single reservation. (Please See FAQ – How Do I Book For More Than One Space in a Class for details there) 

Our current calendar is one that is essentially part time for my crew, my husband and myself as we wind down our work lives and create space for more personal time. 

With such a short class schedule available, we just could not find room for the private bookings as of 2023 and going forward.

Thank you for so much love and support and for sharing your celebrations with us since 2007! It’s been amazing. Meanwhile, we hope you will find listings for our current classes and bring a friend and come have a great cooking experience with us soon! 

Take a look at our “Private Parties” tab on the web site for some good general information about minimum and maximum requirements, some fun party ideas and price listings. You can contact us through the “contact us” button on the web page and leave us an email with the date and number of people in your party.



Wednesday - Friday: Afternoon or evening. Evening class begins at 6pm.
Classes are approximately 2 hours long.

Saturday: Afternoon or happy hour. Latest booking on Saturday is 4 pm.

We do not take any bookings Sun-Tuesday.


2 Hour Afternoon: (Start time not later than 2 pm) $55 per person

2 Hour Happy Hour: (Start time not later than 4 pm) $60 per person

2 Hour Evening: (Start time 6 pm) $65 per person

Q. How Do I Pay with a Gift Certificate?

All reservations must be made through our secure web site with a credit card which is not charged at the time of the reservation, the credit card is how you secure your space. You will pay however you like at the time of the class when you arrive, so show us your gift certificate when you come to class. We will handle that at the register.

Q. Why do I need to include a credit card to sign up?

The credit card is used to secure your reservation and protect us from no-shows. Should you choose to skip your class, you can be charged up to 100% of the cost of the class.

Q. What if I am sick the day of class?

Call us! Almost without exception, our classes have wait lists and we will do everything we can to fill your spot.

Q. Can kids attend your classes?

Our classes are for ages 18 and up. Some exceptions can apply for teens – call our team to discuss.

You must be 21 or older to enjoy the wine bar. Sparkling water and Still water are also available for all classes.

Q. How do I get on a wait list?

Email us by clicking “contact us” on the web site and let us know what class, date, time and title, how many spaces and be sure to leave a good day-time phone number as well. We will contact you in the event of a cancellation.

Q. How do I buy a Gift Certificate?

Call us! We do not do any sales through the web site but we are happy to handle your transaction over the phone and we can mail the GC to you or your recipient.

Q. Why is your address Ponte Vedra, when you are really located on Phillips Highway in North Saint Johns County?

We actually have to answer this almost daily and have from day one.

The history – until 2006, Ponte Vedra Beach was always considered to be the area just north of Vilano on A1A to JTB, and no further West than the intracoastal. The zip code for PVB has always been 32082

In 2006 the Nocatee residential communities were approved and given a new Zip Code for this area, 32081, and until Nocatee is completed with a full Fire Station and Post Office, it cannot be incorporated as its own city, so was named Ponte Vedra until such time.

Our Shoppes of St. Johns Oaks on US-1 represents the end of the Nocatee Property line so we were also, given a new address of Ponte Vedra, 32081, in 2006. When Nocatee incorporates, we will see our address once again change, to The City of Nocatee, and probably will keep the same zip code.

If you are new to finding us, we highly recommend Waze as it’s the most up-to-date map app with current construction changes happening here all the time, it seems to be the most accurate.

Our location is on US-1 (Phillips Highway) about 1 mile South of SR-210 West, and 4 miles North of Palencia or International Golf Parkway. If driving South on US-1 we are on your left. If driving North on US-1 we are on your right. The Shoppes of St. Johns Oakes is our center, and Dr. Mary’s Too, Baptist Health, and Claudes Chocolates are some of our neighbors.

Make sure your device does not try to auto-correct our street address of 145 Hilden Road to 145 HIDDEN road as that will lead you in the wrong direction.

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