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Private Parties can be scheduled from December 2020 onward

In light of so many potential changes to schedules for all involved, the Studio will not be accepting private party dates until December of 2020. As we focus on our amazing Home Chef series and our exciting online presence which will be launched this year, we ask for your understanding and patience.

Its never too early to plan a Holiday Party though right?? And, for the first time ever, we are opening up our entire month of December just for your private party needs!

We are happy to hold dates from December 2020 onward if you would like to discuss options with our Chefs please do.  

Here are a few of our most requested private party themes! You can also check out our current or past calendars and repeat any listing you like! Be sure to visit our Facebook page for photos.

Private parties book 60-90 days out!
Please call and speak to our Studio Team to get a date held as far as 3 months in advance.

You will need to book your event over the phone with one of our Chefs and we book 60-90 days out. You can hold your event with a credit card. Our Chefs are happy to customize any private event menu to your specific needs, allergies or personal preferences.

This style class was created to accommodate a large group, 16 or so, for a happy hour private birthday party, several years ago. It was SO much fun that we added these style parties as a staple in our monthly public line up, and are hands-down our most requested style event for private bookings.

International Tapas Events:

We make several (7-9) recipes of tastes from the Country of Origin listed, and we snack on our handiwork as we go! This light-bite style of cooking and eating together leaves you and your guests plenty of time to just enjoy one another while playing with some fun new recipes. This is the cooking party you would host at home, if you had the room! And, when you host it here, we do all the shopping, prepping and cleaning! Perfect! You will not leave hungry. Help yourself wine bar is always included and set up before you arrive so that as guests come to the Studio they can grab an apron and refreshment and mingle a bit!

Tapas Themes: Classic Spain, Tapas Thai Style, Indian Tapas, French Tapas, Classic Mexico Tapas – you name it we will make it happen!

Other Favorite Private Party Themes:

These classes are great as your private event because they allow for maximum social time in the kitchen while still providing fun and new cooking experiences!

Theme Ideas: Pasta From Scratch, Tex Mex Party, Sushi Rolling 101, Classic French Cooking, Chinese Restaurant Favorites, Cast Iron Cooking

Help yourself wine bar is always included and set up before you arrive so that as guests come to the Studio they can grab an apron and refreshment and mingle!

Private Parties hours:

Wednesday - Friday: Afternoon or evening. Evening class begins at 6pm.
Classes are approximately 2 hours long.

Saturday: Afternoon or happy hour. Latest booking on Saturday is 4 pm.

We do not take any bookings Sun-Tuesday.


2 Hour Afternoon: (Start time not later than 2 pm) $55 per person

2 Hour Happy Hour: (Start time not later than 4 pm) $60 per person

2 Hour Evening: (Start time 6 pm) $65 per person

Sold Out

Our remaining 2022 Private Party opening have sold out.

Private Parties

We currently do not have plans for more private parties openings in 2023 onward.

The biggest overall change most of you will notice is our hold on Private Parties.

As we moved into 2022, we realized very quickly that the demand for private events far exceeded our abilities to accommodate, and that’s in part due to the fast growth of our community. In order to find room for our standard class schedule, we actually had to put parties on a hiatus for much of the last months of 2022.

As we have come to bring our own hours back a bit, finding room for those party events, is simply no longer logistical. For those of you who have spent the last 15 years celebrating your friends, businesses, and family events with us let me first say THANK YOU sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

We have had the time of our lives. The parties have been a true delight and a highlight of my own career. If asked ever what I consider one of our true successes, the private parties are at the top of the list.

Its our sincere hope that you will still love to come with your friends, family and colleagues to our class offerings to sip, cook, and discuss the foods and concepts we enjoy sharing. We truly believe there
is something for everyone on our schedule.

How To Sign Up

After clicking the “book a class” button above and if space if available, you will sign yourself in, you will see a prompt to “include a message” with your reservation, and in that space you can tell us approx. how many in your group and the reservation is held at that booking just under your name.

Our staff will call to get details about payment etc. once all the available party dates are reserved.

Please keep in mind that all of our standard private party requirements are the same:

You need a minimum of 10 (or 10 paid for) at the time of your event.
The maximum is 18.

The price for private events in December is $75.00 per person and the
menus are prefix and determined by the date you choose – your class listing will tell you the theme and menu for that date. Once the dates are taken, we are happy to accept wait list names.

December Dates

The December parties are prefix menus and the date you select will determine the theme which are as follows:

December 1-8: Cast Iron Classics
December 9-15: Pasta Party
December 16-20: Paella Party

The full menus will be on the booking link-allergies or restrictions can be discussed with the staff after your date is selected and booked.

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Please do know that no gift certificate ever expires and if you have a gift certificate for a private event we will honor that at anytime we can find that works for us all. We do still recommend calling and planning about 60 days out. Reach out and let us know.