Update: Private Parties are now Sold Out for 2020!

Chef Andrea here just taking a moment to catch you all up on what’s happening at A. Chef’s Cooking Studio!

We are happy to report everyone on our team is healthy and safe and has been taking careful precautions during this whole, very hard, and strange few months.  We hope the same for you and your family and know that we have been thinking of you all!

GingerBread Classes canceled for 2020

The option to offer a private one-time gingerbread event would simply be totally space and time prohibitive in 2020. Please click the button below for more information and our recipe!

Gingerbread Update Details

As news and developments happen daily in our current climate, please note that the new dates will also be subject to change, but are a good start for the moment.

We hope you all are healthy, safe and well and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

In light of so many potential changes to schedules for all involved, the Studio will not be accepting private party dates until December of 2020. As we focus on our amazing Home Chef series and our exciting online presence which will be launched this year, we ask for your understanding and patience.

Its never too early to plan a Holiday Party though right?? And, for the first time ever, we are opening up our entire month of December just for your private party needs!

We are happy to hold dates from December 2020 onward if you would like to discuss options with our Chefs please do.  

We Initially followed the State protocol and closed our doors to all activities from March 13-June 4th this year and when we reopened, we did so with a class size one-third of our normal, and with all kinds of safety procedures in place.  We want to thank everyone who has come back to us and thank you all for your patience as we navigate this “new norm”.

As July pressed on, we all paid close attention to the rising Covid numbers, specifically in our State, and in communication with our guests, decided to thin out the July calendar and move a few things originally meant for July in to August, to give us all time to determine what each week might bring in the way of news and potential phases and lockdowns.

Our current August offerings are on the web page and we will be honoring those dates as long as we remain healthy and can do so legally (if the State reverts to a Phase One lockdown, we will not be able to run any classes at that level of occupancy).

As we look to our Fall Season, we have decided that the best course of action for your comfort and safety as well as our own, is to continue to offer a very limited schedule.  We will offer our Home Chef Series only in September, October and into the first week of November.  

We are going to use this Fall to focus on a project that we believe will be of great use and value to you all, and are really excited about launching for you! But, its time-consuming and in face of all of these changes, one thing we realize is that this strange time in our business life, has indeed offered us something we have never had before – TIME. Lots of it! So we are going to use it to the best of our advantage and really expand our offerings to you!  

Stay healthy, well and safe.  Eat delicious food and know that we miss you all so much, and have super exciting things in the works which we know you will all love!

PS – I will be loading a few fast vids on FB in the coming weeks so if you are not already a follower, join us there or on Instagram to stay informed!

You can cancel a class using the button below:

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